Rennes (France)

Young Investigators Award

The YIA awards were awarded to:

Routledge Cash Prize and one year's subscription to Science & Medicine in Football Journal : Sigrid Olthof, University of Groningen, NL

ACAPS Cash prize and two years' subscription to Movement and Sport Sciences Journal : Emiel Schulze, Saarland University, DE

Human Kinetics prize voucher : Robin Thorpe, Liverpool John Moores University, UK


Congratulations !!



The WCSS Rennes 2017 recognizes outstanding young researchers and is proud to announce the call for the Young Investigator Award (YIA). A jury consisting of the WCSS Scientific Committee grants the awards based upon the abstract quality and the oral presentation for the top FIVE  presentations .

Applicants MUST meet the following eligibility requirements:

- Be student or PhD student or Postdoctoral follows
- Be the first author of an accepted oral presentation
- Apply via Email with subject line: "WCSS 2017 YIA"
- Pay registration fees before 30th April 2017

Questions regarding YIA can be sent at:

Awards :

- The top five presentations will be published (with help of the Editors) in Science and Medicine in Football and the winner will receive a cash prize of 250£ and a year’s subscription to the journal. The Award is sponsored by Routledge.

- The second presentation will receive a prize worthing 300€ from the Association of Researchers in Physical and Sport Activity (ACAPS) and a two years' subscription to the journal of Movements and Sport Sciences.

- The third presentation will receive a prize worthing 100£ and a book from Human Kinetics Editors (Human Kinetics).




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