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Abstract format

  • The Abstract must be typed into the Abstract Submission Form.
  • Abstracts are restricted to 3000 characters (including spaces, title, authors and institutions).

  • No tables and no figures are allowed.
  • References in the text have to be cited at the end of the abstract (they must fit in the 3000 characters).

  • All content of the abstract is in the sole responsibility of the author(s) of the abstract.

  • The abstract can be prereviewed during the submission process. Abstracts will be printed exactly as they appear in the preview.

  • Only at this stage editing of your abstract will be possible.

  • The receipt of your abstract submission will be confirmed by e-mail.

  • All accepted abstracts will be published in the proceedings of the 5th WCSS Rennes 2017, preconditioned the first author has paid registration fee by the 30th April 2017.

* To make sure your abstract only contains ASCII characters, copy-paste the text first to a text-editor like Windows Notepad, then "Save As..." and set Encoding to "ANSI". Example: Please find an abstract model HERE.

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